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Each year, the Comité d’Organisation des Fêtes, also called COF (Social Activities Organising Committee) gives the tempo of student life at the ENS with its fifty clubs or so, offering activities for every taste: brass band, film club, photography, board games, among many other clubs.

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The COF also organises a wide variety of events, such as the integration weekend, called Mega, the ENS traditional gala, called Nuit de la Rue d’Ulm, and at least one themed party a week.

Nevertheless, the COF activities are not limited to parties! Within the COF, the Bureau des Arts (BdA) proposes one cultural outing per month and reduced tickets for cultural performances. The BdA also organises the 48h des Arts festival, where fifty or so cultural events take place. As for the Bureau des Sports (BdS), they organise sporting events.

The COF is reachable in its duty office, called the Burô, where everyone can come and find out about the various partnerships between this committee and some local shops, borrow a vacuum cleaner or simply talk with one of the 13 representatives, elected every six month.

Find the list of the clubs on the COF website at:



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