Research Integrity Committee

The Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) has a long history of innovative research. In order to ensure that users and readers of our research can be confident in our results, the ENS aims to eliminate any detrimental research practices. As part of this mission, the ENS has appointed as Research Integrity Officer (ROI) Mathias Girel, who chairs a Research Integrity Committee.

This committee :
- Serves as the point of contact for allegations of misconduct (suspected fabrication, falsification, plagiarism) in ENS laboratories. In particular, students, post-docs and researchers at the ENS may contact members of the committee if they become aware of such practices.
-  Examines allegations brought to its attention and decides, possibly after preliminary investigation, whether a full investigation is warranted, in which case its recommendation is transmitted to the ENS Director; the committee may help establish an investigative committee.
- Can mediate in conflicts in which it considers a compromise is desirable.

Documents describing good research practice may be found here, as well as announcements for training related to research integrity, reliability and quality.


Mis à jour le 7/11/2023