Celebrating Stanley Cavell

International Conference

Un colloque qui propose un éclairage sur le premier recueil posthume (Here and There - Sites of Philosophy, Harvard University Press, 2022) des écrits de Stanley Cavell.
Stanley Cavell
Here and There - Sites of Philosophy Harvard University Press, 2022


Wednesday, June 29th
9:30 -Welcome

Dimitri El Murr (Chair, Department of Philosophy, ENS),
Claude Imbert (ENS), Mathias Girel (ENS)
Nancy Bauer (Tufts University), Alice Crary (New School for Social Research) and Sandra Laugier(Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)

Part I. Departures
Chair: Alice Crary
Opening (Jay Bernstein, New School for Social Research)
Chapter 1. Time after Time (Thomas Carlson, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Chapter 2. The World as Things: Collecting Thoughts on Collecting (Veena Das, Johns Hopkins University)
Chapter 3. The Division of Talent (Stephen Mulhall, University of Oxford)

Chair: Russell Goodman
Chapter 4. To Place Wittgenstein (Andrew Norris, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Chapter 5. Notes after Austin (Paola Marrati, Johns Hopkins University)

Part II. Assignments​
15:45- 17:00
Chair : Mathias Girel
Chapter 6. Silences Noises Voices(Jocelyn Benoist, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)
Chapter 7. Signals and Affinities and Chapter 8. Remains to Be Seen: Initial Responses to The Arcades Project (Claude Imbert, ENS)

Cocktail and Words of welcome by Frederic Worms, director, ENS

Thursday, June 30th

Chair : Sandra Laugier
Chapter 9. Finding Words: Adam Phillips’s Ordinary Language Psychoanalysis (Emma Williams, University of Warwick)
Chapter 10. Welcoming Jean Laplanche
Chapter 11. On a PsychoanalyticalResponse to Faulkner’s Form (Claire Brunet, ENS Saclay)

Chapter 12. Notes Mostly about Empathy(Jeroen Gerrits, Binghamton University)
Chapter 13. Comments on Veena Das, “Language and Body” (Martine de Gaudemar, Université Paris Nanterre)
Chapter 14. Foreword to Veena Das, Life and Words (Piergiorgio Donatelli, Universita Roma La Sapienza)

Chair : Jean-Charles Darmon
Chapter 15. Foreword to Northrop Frye, A Natural Perspective (Jean-PhilippeNarboux, Université Bordeaux Montaigne)
Chapter 16. In the Meantime
Chapter 17. Who Disappoints Whom? (David LaRocca)

Chapter 18. Preface to the Italian Edition of The Claim of Reason (Elise Domenach,ENS Lyon)
Chapter 19. Reflections on Wallace Stevens at Mount Holyoke (Hugo Clémot, Université Gustave Eiffel)  
Chapter 20. Foreword to Qu’est-ce que la philosophie américaine ? (Russell Goodman, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque)

17:00-18:15 Part III. Music
Chair : Claude Imbert
Chapter 21. An Understanding with Music(Jean-Philippe Antoine, Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint Denis)
Chapter 22. Kivy on Idomeneo
Chapter 23. Philosophy and the Unheard(Nancy Bauer)​
Chapter 24. Impressions of Revolution(Alice Crary)
Chapter 25. A Scale of Eternity(Victor Krebs, Pontifical University, Lima)

18:15 Concluding Remarks

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