Grants for IMO medallists

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Key dates for IMO grant, session 2024:

  • Application : October 17 to December 11, 2023 (23h59, Paris time)
  • Shortlist : January 25, 2024
  • Tests : Between February 26 and March 7, 2024
  • Admission results : March 11, 2024

Won a gold/silver medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad? Apply to the new study program at ENS.

The École normale supérieure (ENS) is launching a new curriculum for the medallists of the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Have you participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad? You may apply for the ENS Olympic Scholarship if you received a gold or silver medal.


Eligibility conditions:


  • Having received a gold or silver medal at the IMO (not necessarily this year);
  • Being in the last year of high school or one of the first two years of college.


The first year of the ENS is roughly equivalent to the third year of undergraduate studies. Therefore the students who receive the scholarship are expected to complete the first two years of their undergraduate studies in their home country. (Exceptions may be considered for those who wish to study in another country.) During that time


  • The ENS will pay the student a scholarship of 500€ per month;
  • The student will enroll in a French language course (unless they are already fluent in French);
  • The student will be assigned a tutor from the ENS with whom they will maintain regular contact. 


At the end of this period of time and under the condition of having successfully completed two years of undergraduate studies in mathematics, the selected candidates will join the ENS. Namely,

  • They will receive a scholarship of 1000€ per month;
  • They will have access to subsidized lodging (for a rent of 315€ per month as of 2020);
  • They will receive funding for a return plane ticket to their home country once a year.


If you are on an Olympic team and are interested, please complete the following initial application form.

You have to deposit the following documents:



-your program of study for the next two years

-identity document


One or two candidates will be selected from the winners of the gold or silver medals of the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Link to the application form


The key dates for the next application session will be published at a later date.


Remark: third year students are no longer eligible for this scholarship, but can apply for the International Selection entrance exam to ENS.


We welcome your applications!


Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at ENS

The Department of Mathematics and Applications of the ENS (DMA) is both a teaching department and a research laboratory of the CNRS (Unité Mixte de Recherche 8553).

The DMA therefore has two missions:

  • training through research to prepare for a wide range of career opportunities,
  • a research mission.

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