The InterQ and InterENS

interQ et inter ENS

Each year, students of the five French and transalpine Écoles normales supérieures (Paris, Lyon, Cachan, Rennes and Pisa) gather for one weekend and indulge in punchy artistic and sports competitions: the InterQ and InterENS. Creativity, tactics and spirit of fair play are required.

The InterQ programme consists in theatre, music, dance, fine, graphic and visual arts, improvisational theatre, and much more! The only limit is your imagination. On the agenda of the InterENS: football, rugby, volleyball, handball, basketball, badminton, tennis, athletics, climbing, combat sports, cheerleading, rock and salsa choreography, and even quidditch, kinball and pétanque.

However, the InterQ and InterENS do not only consist in culture or sport! Supporters are also there for encouraging their teams with their coloured scarves, brass bands, signs, mascots and songs. Good mood required! And, after all, why wouldn’t you get on with students from the other Ecoles normales supérieures, for a dance evening or a barbecue?


Mis à jour le 17/6/2021