The Nuit de la Rue d’Ulm

The Nuit de la Rue d’Ulm

Nuit de la Rue d’Ulm is the other name of the traditional gala of the École normale supérieure de Paris. On this occasion, the ENS opens its doors for a night full of revelry: a delicious buffet, sublime artistic performances, vibrant concerts and frenzied dancing. Evening dress required – though comfortable enough for swaying your hips all night long!

Each year, the Nuit has a new theme: “Both day and night”, “Modern times night” or “One thousand and one nights”. This is the opportunity for ENS students to discover its multiple facets, between shadow and light, glitter and mystery.

Truancy enthusiasts as well as tireless workers move and groove on DJ mixsets or waltz in the ENS most beautiful rooms. There is something for every taste: from the most radiant afro-punk to the darkest rock, from a majestic circus show to an explosive fanfare.

Nuit rue d'Ulm

Mis à jour le 8/11/2021