Lecture de poésie : Lou Rowan

Cycle «Poetry reading[s]» - Lectures de poésie américaine contemporaine

La bibliothèque Ulm a le plaisir d'accueillir le poète américain - Lou Rowan - autour d'une lecture de ses poèmes. Cette rencontre a lieu dans le cadre du séminaire de poésie américaine, animé par Hélène Aji (Professeur de littérature américaine à l'ENS).
Lou Rowan - Copyright Andrea Auge 2024 by kind permission
Lou Rowan - Copyright Andrea Auge 2024 by kind permission


Born in Los Angeles in 1942, Louis Richard Rowan Jr. was educated on the East Coast, earning a bachelor's degree in history at Harvard University in 1964 and a master's degree in English at New York University in 1969. He also studied theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York. Rowan held teaching and upper management positions at the Manhattan School and at Friends Seminary from 1968 to 1980, after which he switched careers to investment banking at Bankers Trust Company in New York and Frank Russell Company in Tacoma, Washington.

Rowan began his writing career as a student in the 1960s in New York, influenced by the New York School, Louis Zukofsky, and the Black Mountain and Objectivist poets. After his careers in teaching and banking, Rowan began writing full-time in 2003 in the Pacific Northwest. He has published fiction, poetry, and critical essays. Much of his writing is experimental and crosses genres. Rowan has edited the poetry journals Friendly Local Press from 1968 to 1971 and 1986 to 1989 and Golden Handcuffs Review since 2002.





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